Letter to the editor: From the ground up

So here we are, March of 2017, $20 trillion in treasury debt, $215 trillion in future spending mandated by law at the federal level, the debt ceiling about to be reached. Trillion dollar annual federal deficits if off budget expenditures are included. As well as a huge amount of annual money printing by the Fed to purchase our yearly debt. And if that were not enough the states themselves up to their eyeballs in trillions more of debt. With California, New York and Illinois just to name a few close to bankruptcy. That’s the month of March in a flash.

And, in the middle of it, like a sore infected thumb stands the impotent Republican Party, a party which has been in charge of the purse at the federal level since 2011, and still refuses to deal in any real way with the massive brain draining, vomitus overspending! (Reminds me of General McClellan during the civil war) Unbelievable, I say!  

The latest of course is the Republican Party’s ridiculous attempt to replace Obamacare with you guessed it, “more Obamacare!” Because they do not have the courage to tell the American people that the country is bankrupt and cannot afford universal healthcare in any of its destructive forms! Where are the true leaders? I ask you where are they? Instead, we get a room of frightened deer all watching their rears!

Hey Republicans! What about true free market reforms such as allowing insurance companies to compete with one another in and out of state! This is the Holy Grail they will not touch. And yet, this change alone (which is not included in the replacement Republican bill) would alter everything. As it would begin the process of introducing true competition into the medical field, which when one thinks about it, is the only thing that can ultimately drive down prices while at the same time driving up quality (just as it does in the private sector). Too much for their brains, I guess.    

I challenge all who read this, from whatever occupation you have chosen. It will not be China, Russia, ISIS or illegal immigration that will ultimately destroy us. Instead, it will be the destruction of our economy through massive debt and deficit spending at both the state and federal levels that will ultimately render us unable to fund the military or healthcare or anything else for that matter whether they be public or private. For this reason alone, the preservation of our economy has to be the number one national security concern of the United States, period! I know I am a broken record. I get it!

Still, let me sum this up in a language that our elected elite whomever they may be can understand. From local county commissioners who make $49,700 and $58,000 per year respectively and soon to be more, to congressional representative and senators who make $174,000 per year on up.

“It’s the spending! Can you not see it, the spending! My God Wake up!”  

Article 5 people article five.


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