Letter to the editor: Guns and Tipton

Representative Scott Tipton in his 3/5/18 email to me stated that some things need to change, that we may need to increase school security, better ensure “guns are kept out of the hands of dangerous or unwell individuals, ensure law enforcement has the tools needed to take appropriate preventative measures and utilizes those tools, and identify and treat mental illness.” Let’s go further.

After the December 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, the people of Connecticut and the legislators they elected said, "No more." Beginning in 2013, Connecticut tightened its gun laws, enacting some of the most ambitious gun safety laws in the nation. They banned over 150 models of guns, classifying them as assault rifles; banned the sale of magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds; and implemented a universal background check and registry of deadly weapon offenders.

The result? A 40% reduction in gun violence by 2016, the lowest homicide rate in the state's history, and one of the lowest statewide homicide rates in the country.

Let’s ban assault rifles – all 2,000 types, including bump stocks. Let’s require universal background checks, restore the ability of government agencies to study gun violence, and close gun show loopholes.

This is common sense that addresses the weapons of choice for perpetrators of mass destruction without infringing on rights protected by the Constitution. The Supreme Court has already ruled that military weapons are not covered under the 2nd Amendment.

Have you, Congressman Tipton, been listening to your constituents? A brand-new CNN poll now shows support for stricter gun purchasing laws at its highest level of the last 25 years with 70% now saying that they back new, more restrictive gun legislation.

Most of us favor banning private ownership of assault weapons and bump stocks, limiting the number of rounds in a clip, closing loopholes for gun shows, and other common sense gun laws. We need you to step up and save our kids.


Barbara Tidd

28988 County Road 65

Moffat, CO  81143


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