Letter to the editor: Hear what experts say on marijuana

I have attended several Alamosa city council meetings concerning the issues about more marijuana in our community. I totally align with the council and those individuals that are concerned about the safety of our community and the SAFETY OF CHILDREN.

To move this letter away from my opinion and toward facts, I wish to list several web sites that point to marijuana as a gateway drug. Also, the safety issue is addressed by the web sites and YouTubes that show the ER visits, overwhelming numbers at social services and extra security guards at the soup lines to protect the volunteers in Pueblo. Jobs and profits are argued for, but the social costs more than 5x to 10x the tax revenues seen by any community.

Google: Hudson Institute and click on who they are. Then search marijuana. You will see three white papers pop up: “A Strategy to Counter the Opioid Epidemic: Contain, Reduce, Extinguish,” by Dr. David W. Murray, Ph.D. He addresses the gateway aspect of marijuana and what it is doing to our culture. Great read! Also see “Countering the Threat of Legalized Marijuana: A Blueprint for Federal, Community and Private Action,” by Dr. Murray.

The institute gathers data and analyzes it and makes recommendations to countries and governments. It is documented, factual and reliable.

Knowledge is power and after you read those papers, your knowledge will take a shift. With this new data, THINK FOR YOURSELF, and decide what you know is true about marijuana.

The next site is from an ER medical doctor from Pueblo. This YouTube gives a current update of the huge overrun on emergency department services in Pueblo. This is happening in Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo and coming to every town in Colorado. She mentions the crime, safety at the soup line, housing issues with POSADA and the huge social costs. She gives hard facts and numbers to what they are facing in Pueblo, and we are seeing more crime and homeless here in Alamosa as well. Eighteen minutes viewing may change your life.

CODE RED Pueblo ER Oct. 2016



Terry L. Wiley, DC

If you life within the city limits, call me and I will email you more information.


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