Letter to the editor: Help keep Valley beautiful

Dear San Luis Valley community members,

I am just a regular, everyday community member who is proud to call the beautiful San Luis Valley my home. The last few years I have noticed increasingly more trash along the Valley’s highways. It is a disgrace.

So, I have been picking up trash—pounds and pounds and bags upon orange bags full of discarded bottles, cans, dirty diapers, a Tilley hat, renegade car parts, tools, and plastic bags—hundreds of them.  The problem is that despite my efforts, the trash accumulates faster than I possibly can pick it up.

Realizing that nobody has much time or money, what can we do to keep the San Luis Valley beautiful?  Here are a few possibilities that are all cheap and low maintenance:

1.  Keep bags--preferably reusable cloth bags, but the plastic bags will work, too—in your vehicle so that you can collect trash as you go and then you can add it to your home trash can.

2. Pick up as needed around your rural mailbox and the turn off to your home.

3. Consider convening a group to Adopt-A-Highway. This crew could comprise your family, church, scouts, sports team, or other community group. It will be fun and provides a wonderful community service! AND you will get your organizations’ name on a highway sign for everyone to appreciate and honor. For more information, contact the Adopt-A-Highway Regional Coordinator, Susan Apker, at 719-587-6406.

4. Invite me to help your group do the cleanup! I don’t mind the work; I just cannot do it alone.  My email address is: [email protected]

Thank you and let’s keep our San Luis Valley beautiful. 

Susan Foster



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