Letter to the Editor: Homelake Community Advisory Board

It has been brought to the attention of the Homelake Community Advisory Board and the Homelake Historic Preservation and Restoration Foundation that residents of the veterans’ center at Homelake would like to restore a 1952 military ambulance for use in parades.

The estimate for the work by a local auto parts business is almost $3,000 and the state, the owner of the ambulance, has not allocated money for the work. Residents would really like to see the ambulance used in parades this summer to showcase the veterans’ center.

The Homelake Foundation, established in 2005 to preserve and restore historic properties at Homelake, is a nonprofit organization and donations can be made to it. The Foundation already has leveraged more than $1 million in funds from grants and private donors to renovate the old administration building into a museum to house the military collections at Homelake. The project will cost many more millions of dollars before it is completed.

The boards would appreciate any contributions to restore the ambulance to its former glory. Donations can be made to the Homelake Historic Preservation and Restoration Foundation, c/o Wayne Ross, treasurer, P.O. Box 97, Homelake, CO 81135. Please earmark any donations for that purpose. Other donations also are welcome for Foundation projects.

On behalf of both boards, thank you for your support of the oldest veterans’ center in Colorado and the official state repository for all unclaimed military medals in Colorado.

Erin Macgillivray Smith


registered agent, HHPRF

President, Homelake

Community Advisory Board