Letter to the editor: Homeowners oppose RV resort

At the annual HOA Cottonwoods at Cattails meeting, where the majority of the residents were present, those attending voted unanimously to stop the proposed site for the Rio Bravo RV park. This was based on several concerns when the Rio Bravo representatives presented their proposals to us at our meeting.

First, there was considerable concern that this RV park would bring increased traffic through a residential neighborhood. With 325 spaces available, one can readily discern the problem this will create in this small-knit area.

Second, the 325 spaces will certainly overload the present utility and sewer system that is currently in place. Can you imagine the biohazard this will create, not to mention the 325 generators fouling our clean air and making a great deal of noise to scare off our wildlife?

Third, all of us were certainly concerned that our house and land values would decrease since we bought our lots and built our houses in the hopes of increasing our vested interests, not decreasing them. Would anybody in this city want to live next to an RV park with all the traffic and noise?

The Rio Bravo constituents also brought up the idea of a land trade with the city concerning 35 acres for more additional spaces that we thought was to be either green space for our fair city or donated to ASU for the nationally-ranked cross country team. Coach Damon Martin can speak to this fact. What happened on this issue?

Finally, the Rio Bravo people never presented a concrete economic model to show the millions of dollars that the city would reap beneficially if the RV park were to be installed. This, certainly, needs further study before anything can be decided. We hope that these facts speak for themselves and that the people of Alamosa will contact their council members by letter or email and voice these concerns to stop this preposterous land grab. Other options must be considered.


HOA Board of Directors


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