Letter to the editor: Ice cream truck driver responds

This letter is in response to a letter I read in the newspaper approximately on July12th. I am the ice cream truck driver. I would like to start by saying it is sad that a dog was run over.

However, the letter posted in the paper made it appear that not only was I aware of this but I chose not to stop and render aid. It also stated I was going slowly as if I knew I ran the dog over and then did nothing to help. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When I’m on State Street I am going home for the day. I am not selling ice cream or going slowly as was stated in the letter. State Street is a fairly busy street. And no one drives 1 mile per hour on that street, which is the fastest I go while selling ice cream.

I am a dog owner of three rescue dogs and one cat. I love my animals and they live in my house with me. To suggest that I am heartless towards an injured animal is just ridiculous. I had no knowing of hitting any dog. Period! My truck didn’t alert me to anything unusual so of course I would keep on going.

I am grateful to the person who helped the dog and called for assistance. I would have done the same thing in their shoes.

I wish the owner of the dog was more thoughtful and understanding. We have all heard the saying accidents happen. It was an accident that the dog got out of its yard and was just as much of an accident that I unknowingly ran it over.

That letter should have not made the paper. And since it did I had no choice but to respond. Enough said.

The ice cream truck driver

Fred Stoney


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