Letter to the editor: Ice cream truck owner responds

To the people of Alamosa,

I am the ice cream truck owner and was away for two weeks. When I returned I saw an article in the paper assuming my driver saw this escaped dog and hit him. It was stated it happened on July 11th, which was a Tuesday We do not run Mondays or Tuesdays. To all you parents to allow and lead your kids to believe it was not an accident, shame on you. My sympathy to the owners of the dog. I love my dogs as my own kids. That’s why I have spent the extra money and time on fixing my yard because I know they dig and are the best escape artists there is. I have seen many dogs hit on State Street and have never seen anyone be blasted in the newspaper for an accident like this.

My deepest sympathies for Oscar. We are sorry your owners didn’t take that extra step to keep you safe.

To my driver:

I know you love your rescue dogs as your own kids. Please watch for these escaped dogs.


The ice cream truck owner,

Veronica Casias


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