Letter to the editor: Ice cream truck runs over dog twice and keeps going

Sunday, July 11, around 7 p.m. our beloved Shitzu dog, Oscar, slipped out of the back yard and wandered a half a block down First Street and onto State Street where he was struck twice by the Alamosa ice cream truck.

According to witnesses, Oscar did not dart out onto State Street but rather wandered slowly across the street when he was struck by the slow moving ice cream truck.

Within minutes of his disappearance, my husband and I began the search for Oscar. A friend told my husband that she heard that a small dog was hit by a car on State Street within the hour and that the accident had been reported to the Alamosa Police Department. The hardest part for us was that it was so quick and so traumatic. Our immediate response was to reach out to the police department to determine Oscar’s whereabouts. At this time, we felt relieved that the individual who had hit our small dog was kind and responsible enough to report the accident to law officials. However, the following day we learned from several people who had witnessed the accident that not only was our beloved pet struck once by the front wheel but again by the back wheel of the Alamosa ice cream truck who continued on his path without stopping to acknowledge the collision.

I understand that Oscar was off the leash and I also understand that he was crossing a busy street unattended. What I don’t understand is why the driver of the ice cream truck did not stop after striking him twice.

The sound of the ice cream truck is unmistakable! Their melodic chimes take on famous recognizable tunes designed to lure out children to the street for ice cream purchases. What do you tell your grandchildren when they ask “how did it happen grandma?” We can never again view the ice cream truck driver as a welcome site in our neighborhood.

Oscar died an hour and 20 minutes after the accident from massive internal injuries. Oscar will be remembered by those who loved him as a gentle spirit who was kind and calm with everyone whom he encountered. He was a “family member” that slept next to my husband and I. It is like losing a family member.

Our sincere and utmost heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Sandra Hostetter who was compassionate and sympathetic to Oscar; Sandra remained with Oscar until he was lifted to the shelter by Alamosa police officers. It was Sandra who placed the 911 call for help, not the driver! Our sincere thanks to Erin Minks who called Ed to report hearing of a “dog accident on State Street.” Without that information, we would not have been able to be with our adored pet when he drew his last breath. A huge hug to the lady who was kind enough to bring a blanket from her vehicle and place it under our dog. Our sincere THANK YOU to all who stayed by Oscar’s side in his time of need until help arrived! God bless you all!

Edward and Evelyn Vigil