Letter to the editor: In response to Barbara Tidd

I guess I have to respond to more anti gun regurgitation. I challenge Barbara Tidd to name the source of her 97 percent statistic. By that I mean exactly how the question was asked, how many people were asked, and what year. For one polling a few thousand people will never equal 97 percent of Americans. Second, welcome to the current century because if you had ever purchased a gun you would know we already do background checks. And the gun show loophole rhetoric is so stale. It is as stale as when you forget some leftovers in your refrigerator and choose to throw the Tupperware away too. The gun show argument has mold growing on it. And legalizing silencers is not about politicians making murder easier. It's about recreational shooters protecting their hearing. Anyone wanting to silence a murder weapon doesn't care what the law is.

When is the left going to admit that AR-15s are not the only common denominator in a mass shooting? Gun free zones and this particular generation are common denominators too. Previous generations just didn't shoot their classmates. We didn't have ADD, paying attention was just mandatory. We weren't doped up to behave, it was expected.

Notice how there aren't really any mass shootings at SHOT show, sportsmen's expo, or an NRA convention. It's because the shooter knows they would fail and look stupid. Instead they choose a place where they can feel tough for the first time in their life because they're the only one with a gun. They know they will be a hero to other losers when the media repeats their name over and over. They definitely don't want anyone shooting back at them because they know if they get shot by a good guy with a gun nobody will ever know their name.

Jim Bagwell