Letter to the Editor: In response to Chavez letter

In response to Patricia Chavez, and her letter of lies to the editor, I was APPALLED at the letter written by Patricia Chavez and the slander, lies and false accusations she hurled at this kind man. ANYONE and EVERYONE who knows this man knows that in no way is any one part of this true!

You may not have printed the name, but it’s not hard to figure out who she is targeting. Not only is he a man of great integrity, but one of the most honest, kind and hard working men I have ever known. He has volunteered much of his time servicing and helping people who cannot get out and around on their own. He helps people whenever and however he can. I have seen him give from his own pocket many times to people who just needed a helping hand.

A man, who on his day off while out walking with his wife, stopped to help a 95 year old woman whose car had broken down. He ended up driving her and her groceries all the way to Antonito. Not expecting a thing in return. Just out of the kindness of his heart. This speaks volumes to his character.

He’s a loving husband and wonderful family man. He has helped and helped more people than can be counted.

I am all for free speech, but how you can print such a slanderous, ugly and vindictive letter without any verification is appalling. It’s appalling that this Me Too movement has opened the floodgate for women to make false accusations to further their own agenda, causing harm to innocent people, with no consequences. And you print it!

The reason her complaint to the board went without action is because these claims were and are completely unfounded and false. All it is is an accusation, not passed on any fact or evidence, just the word of ONE vindictive woman who was denied continued free bus services. She wouldn’t follow the rules, and her bus privileges were terminated. And now this.

Being a woman, I’m embarrassed by women like Ms. Chavez. Women who think their only recourse against a man in a disagreement is to make up sexual harassment. This is defamation of character. And you, the Valley Courier, with no pause or conscience of defaming a kind man’s reputation, print this garbage. Just because she said so? Where is your integrity? How about doing some investigative reporting before printing such trash? Ask anyone else who knows this man, their personal opinion of him. You would find nothing but love for him, had you done so. Truly disappointing in the lack of integrity and common sense Valley Courier.

It won’t work, Ms. Chavez. Like I said, anyone and everyone else who knows him, loves him. He has a huge network of love and support. Can you say the same? Your lies and hate will not succeed.

Rebecca Hubbard


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