Letter to the editor: In response to the Leavell-McCombs (LMJV) comments in the Courier-Wednesday August 8

Dear “Hopefuls” (Leavell-McCombs Development Group)

I’m not exactly sure how the ravage — both literally and figuratively —  from 1711 units, plus “Glampers” and Yurt Seekers of unknown numbers, is not going to have a deleterious effect on:

* The high mountain water quality of the headwaters of the Rio Grande 

* The migratory and life cycle needs of the wildlife

* The relative quiet and general peace-especially in winter

* The economic health and culture of the region

* Views…pace…traffic…waste management…policing…fire…medical systems and our general benevolent natures.

Devastation is inevitable. One only needs to look at other “recreation industry” based places in Colorado to extrapolate the trajectory of DOOM. “Misconceptions” and false promises are what a development of this magnitude in that space will bring. “Access” arguments are a “snow screen.”

It is not hard to see what you are: “developers!” plain and simple. Your goal is NOT to provide accessible jobs, affordable housing or recreation to most locals. You aspire to make money — a lot of it — opening doors to other people with MONEY from disposable income — cashing in on investments while recreating on tax deductions. This is the truth. You have sustained litigation because you have enough income to afford it as a tax deduction. It is hard to empathize with your “access” whining, while citizens and non-profits endeavor to provide solid science and reasonable alternatives, and your plans put ALL at risk of health crisis and vehicular mayhem.

Wolf Creek is ISOLATED at high altitude on one of the more challenging passes in Colorado… This is a BIG problem. The closest medical system is Del Norte and Alamosa (both limited).  As a locale-we are already terribly challenged with solid waste disposal and water quality issues, traffic steadily intensifies.  Tourist based economies are boom/bust…wonkily pasting amenities and activity of the city life-onto the rural landscape- an unresolvable paradox, usurping the endearing values, space and tempo of agricultural and wildlife communities. 

There are many MANY efforts that your money and tenacity can sustain that would be of great TRUE benefit and become a noteworthy legacy.

Nobody’s “misinterpreting”  “LMJV”…you just don’t seem to HEAR us.  We live here — we

Do NOT want your “Pillage of Wolf Creek”.


Claire Barker