Letter to the editor: Information shared on Alamosa recycling

On Sunday, August 13th I went to the Alamosa Recycling Center. For a moment I was the only person there so I decided to ask Catherine Martinez, who works there, some questions about recycling that I always wondered about. She very kindly, took the time to answer and inform me about our recycling.  I would like to share that information.

* Alamosa takes plastic numbers 1 and 2 only. Milk jugs are #2. Yogurt and sour cream containers and plastic bottles like Tylenol containers are #5. Number 5 plastic is not recycled by Alamosa.  That means all the yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc. is not accepted and goes in the trash.

* All that plastic that is from frozen dinners, take out, you know that black plastic, is not accepted.

* Aluminum pie plates are not recycled with aluminum cans.

* Tide Pod containers are not recyclable but are seen often.

* Some plastic flower pots are #2, many are not, check first.

* Only white paper.

* Cereal boxes are ok in the cardboard bin.

* No lumber or palates in the tree branch area.

Catherine said that people don’t ask questions. There is always someone present during working hours to ask. She also mentioned that last week someone attempted to drop off household trash like a mattress and stuff. Don’t do that. She did not have any ideas about how to park when recycling. I know I have been yelled at before for blocking the way.

We are so fortunate to have recycling available in Alamosa. Treat with respect.

Barbara Kruse


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