Letter to the Editor: Is fracking worth it?

On the same day hundreds of thousands of children protested climate change around the world Larry Crowder wrote of how environmentally cleansing the products of fracking are. When your children ask for bread why do you hand them a stone? Methane leakage traps gas 86 times as much as CO2 over a 20-year timespan.  Methane emissions increased 30 percent from 2002-2014, mostly from fracking wells. And how much water is poisoned? Five million gallons per gas well, or more.

There are about 53,300 active wells in the state and only 30 people to monitor them.  Since 2009, 867 drilling permits were granted that fall within 500 feet of a building.  This new law will finally stop the previous requirement that Colorado foster the oil and gas industry over the health and welfare of its own citizens. Who is this gas being sold to? To US or overseas to countries who would not permit such destruction to their own environment? The petrochemical industries further demand tribute from state and federal taxpayers in subsidies though they already make billions destroying our planet without them.

Dinosaurs with their heads in the tar sands and pockets filled with petrodollars can—and did—take climate change off of the EPA website but that does nothing to erase the truth. The future of the planet is worth a few jobs in 2019? More jobs are available through solar, wind, electric cars, sustainable housing.

The kids are right.  But it’s like talking to an addicted parent who won’t admit the truth, or make changes, stop smoking or popping pills that make them feel good even when that self-destruction is felt worldwide with hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, bomb cyclones, droughts, floods, changing jet streams and earthquakes.

Colorado’s recent earthquake occurred near fracking operations. The North American Craton runs through Colorado from Yellowstone and now connects to the fracking operations that rocked Oklahoma.

Remember the planet Tatooine in the beginning of the first Star Wars episode? That will be your legacy. Short term jobs do not justify this end. Our children and grandchildren deserve the same planet we enjoyed, not one we spoiled with greed, short-sightedness and inability to change.

Jan Bennett

Monte Vista