Letter to the editor: It is time for change in Colorado

It is time for change in Colorado. We all must use our voices - and our votes - to signal the change we want for our state, and our country.

Electing Diane Mistch Bush for the 3rd Congressional District is the change I want to see in 2018. Diane, whose voting record speaks volumes about her priorities, has been a public servant for over a decade. She has served two terms as a County Commissioner and three terms as a Colorado State House Representative.

Diane has been a champion of economic opportunity for all, environmental protection and the conservation of public lands. She has and will continue to fight for quality, affordable healthcare for all and quality public education. She brings legislative experience and an understanding of the practical solutions Colorado needs -- she can hit the ground running in 2019 to make immediate change.

She has won every race she has entered against her Republican opponents, and because she’s been in office for over a decade her grasp of how issues affect our district is exceptionally thorough. She’ll easily be able to hold her own in debates with the incumbent Republican, Scott Tipton.

It's time to bring back real representation to our district. Tipton votes in the interests corporations and mega-donors, not the people in our district. This current administration has demonstrated what happens when you elect people without experience.

Let’s support successful and qualified women like Diane instead of looking for inexperienced men who vote in the interest of others.

Robin Olsen

0023 Horton Street

Eagle, CO 81631


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