Letter to the editor: Just tell it like it is

In response to the article in the Valley Courier on Saturday, our candidate for the city council stated that, “when the theater was forced to close, the owner donated it to the city, which reopened the theater, upgraded equipment, and now operates it with volunteers.

He also states, “as a result of the Great Recession, Monte Vista suffered from business closures.” He also said, “he has successfully encouraged new business and has replaced almost all the businesses that left downtown.”

First off, we personally know where 75 percent of the money for the upgraded equipment came from and the theatre would not have opened without this donation. Secondly, we would like to know what new business and which ones he has successfully replaced that left downtown.

We can count almost two dozen empty buildings and would like to know which ones he successfully reopened. We all want these businesses to re-open, but that is yet to come.

We would like a response to this letter and explain where we missed out.

We hope all candidates keep in mind, “a truthful candidate better state the facts as they are or it will come back to haunt them.”

Ray and Colette Skeff


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