Letter to the Editor: Killing deer, not culling them: Taking the easy way & the wrong way

“Culling” is a euphemism used to disguise the cruelty of the act of killing. No matter how you say it, it is killing plain and simple.

The deer were here first. We humans moved in, took their territory. We took over their homes, as we have done to thousands and millions of other animals: bears, cougars, coyotes.

1. Are we teaching children that killing an animal is okay and a quick and easy solution to any animal problem? Instead teach them to appreciate nature and the wild animals. Who are we to dictate who gets killed who gets to live? Cruelty to humans often begins with cruelty to animals.

2. Vacuum effect. Tanya Hilgendorf, the president and CEO of the Humane Society of Huron Valley stated: “Killing the deer will only result in bringing more deer into the city from adjoining areas. Because it will be ineffectual, it is therefore pointless and needless cruelty (to) employ lethal methods (i.e., killing or “culling”) to reduce the local deer population.”  Fewer deer means they would have more food available to them and will produce more children.

3. We see many deer families on our street. Does and their fawns are beautiful animals that people in large cities have to go to zoos to see them.

4. Why are deer on the streets? Obviously to get food. One solution would be to put fences up around vegetable and certain flower gardens - not that hard to do nor expensive.

5. Deer are not predators. They only attack dogs who are attacking them. Take responsibility to keep your dogs safe, on leash. Owning a dog is a privilege and responsibility.  Dogs need a fenced yard to be healthy and happy.

6. City speed limits are low enough to enable responsible drivers to avoid deer. A driver incapable of avoiding deer is also incapable of avoiding people, especially children, who might run into the street, is a menace and should not be on the streets.

Something needs to be done NOW

The city says something needs to be done NOW. Please take time to think this through for yourself and look through the animal research and plan ahead. The NOW means only one thing: kill the deer. Killing is easy; it is cheap; and you don’t need to think.

Aileen Peek