Letter to the Editor: KRZA provides update

In the fall of 2018 KRZA’s main transmitter on San Antonio Mountain went silent due to broken parts. It was originally installed in 2002, which means it is 17 years old. The shelf life of a transmitter is about 10-12 years. Now it is time to replace the entire machine with a new model.

Thanks to generous donations from supporters in the fall, the station was able to put a down payment on new equipment and has purchased and set up a backup low-power transmitter for future outages. The total cost for this project will be $42,000, which will include equipment and labor. KRZA has already put down $14,000 to get started. So now the station needs help more than ever to finish this project and guarantee the longevity of KRZA for at least another decade.

We would really like to be finished and back on the air at full power before the Spring Fund Drive starting April 6. We will have to work against the snow on the mountain where the transmitter is located as well as to continue raising funds to pay for the installation and parts. That is why donations are vital right now. Help KRZA Community Radio today by sending a donation to 528 9th Street in Alamosa, CO 81101, at www.krza.org, or by calling 719-589-8844.

KRZA is a huge part of the community and it would be devastating to lose it.

Gerald Rodriguez,

General Manager KRZA