Letter to the editor: Kudos to bookstore volunteers

I have been told on occasion that I am hard to please. My stock retort is that I am easy to please but hard to impress!

Yes, those times are seldom, I confess but I am even more than impressed with the new Narrow Gauge Co-op Bookstore! What an asset it is to our community even before its Grand Opening. The sessions where authors read their works have been well attended and much appreciated.

I am proud to attest that I am one of the many enthusiastic volunteers who have spent many hours helping to put the inventory on the shelves, organizing and general purpose cleaning,

Kudos also to Marlena, the president of the corporation and manger who has poured her love into the work.

Come by and discuss with her how you can be one of the owners yourself!

Most sincerely,

William V. Drain


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