Letter to the Editor: Making a stand

I have been watching with much disappointment as our U.S. administration has been throwing out threats, posturing with hostile rhetoric and now a comment that only one person needs to make the call for war.  Enough!

Congress must assert its constitutional authority and show the President that he must follow laws and the system in place.  He simply cannot act alone but needs the checks and balances of the U.S. Congress.  I implore Congress to take back their Constitutionally mandated power and for both the House and Senate to support the Senate bill 1039, “The Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act of 2019.  By also repealing the 2001 AUMF, Congress can balance and support or rightfully reject the Executive Branch regarding the escalation of threats, sanctions and posturing for war.

We need cooler heads in office and Sen. Michael Bennet has boldly stepped up to provide this needed leadership.  Thank you!  I ask Sen. Cory Gardner to step up and be a stronger leader by cosponsoring 1039.  This shows that the United States is not fully behind the visible bullying but that we can still be proper leaders of the world.  Rep. Scott Tipton can and should also fully support negotiations, showing that he too can be the best leader he can be.

Dorothy J Myers