Letter to the editor: Marijuana grows out of hand in Saguache County

Dear Editor,

“There is something rotten in Denmark” (Sagauche County); with apologies to Williams Shakespear’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; Act 1, Scene 4.

The Saguache County Commissioners have stated they are going to allow unlimited marijuana grows because they are a "boon" to Saguache County. They are moving forward with their agenda regardless of legitimate concerns from clear thinking, productive, tax paying citizens. How are unlimited marijuana grows a "boon"? Where is the "boon" (read money) going? We are to be taxed severely to build a new school for anticipated student growth. Who believes that? Who wants to move their young families into Saguache County to be surrounded by marijuana grows? Our son and his family and our daughter and her family expressed a desire to move closer to help on the ranch and we told them "DON'T COME!" We do not want our grandchildren anywhere near here on a long term basis. The county has been threatened with losing law enforcement. The law enforcement of Saguache County is severely overworked and under paid. Why not some of the elusive "boon" for law enforcement? The crime rate has risen exponentially with the coming of the marijuana "boon" and if we lose our law enforcement this area will descend into anarchy. There is a very thin line holding back complete chaos already. Perhaps the County Commissioners have not (yet) experienced break-ins to their homes and/or businesses, as many have, but it is not a matter of if but when if law enforcement continues to be hamstrung by lack of funding. They were grudgingly given a token from the commissioners at the last meeting. A very large percentage of ambulance runs by our overworked EMS people are related to drug activity.

Becoming the marijuana grow capital is nothing for which the Saguache County Commissioners should be proud.


Verna Schmittel

David Schmittel 


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