Letter to the Editor: Mathias Fritz was a victim

In response to the article in the paper about the murder of Mathias Jade Fritz, I would like to shine a little light and share that Mathias Fritz was not the monster he was made out to be in the article. In fact Mathias was one of two victims in all of this. Mathias Fritz was a loving father to his two beautiful daughters; he was a great brother, son, and uncle, as well as an amazing friend. Mathias was a very kind and gentle soul with a smile that would light up the room. He was a family man, kick butt foosball player, and overall just an awesome person.

Sadly darkness (of drugs) that seems to run through our community found its way to Mathias, and he got mixed up in something so ugly. But that was not Mathias’ life, and sadly Mathias never made it out of the darkness the drugs brought into his life. He didn’t make it out because he was murdered.

I don’t want our community to read that article and think Mathias was a monster because he was just the opposite. He was a great guy who got mixed into a bad situation. Mathias was more than what his final days and this article portrayed him to be. Mathias’ memory lives on in all those who knew him.


Michaela Romero

A lifelong community member and friend to Mathias Fritz