Letter to the editor: McKinley for treasurer

Again, I write a letter in support of Amy McKinley for Treasurer of Alamosa County. First of all, I would like to thank the voters of Alamosa County that came and voted at the Primary in June.  Now with the election in November, I again urge all registered voters to either mail in your ballots or go to the polls to cast your vote.

And casting your vote for Amy McKinley would be the right vote!! I was employed by Alamosa County for 21 years, having retired in November of 2009; Amy assumed my position as accountant of Alamosa County Human Services, along with many other duties of the accounting department of Alamosa County.

Amy was always an outstanding employee, whom I had referred to as my right arm person. She gained knowledge through the years in having dealt with systems, procedures, policies and personnel, along with knowledge of the inner workings of the various departments of Alamosa County. Amy attended various commissioners meetings, state meetings, department head meetings; she conferred with the county’s attorney when needed.  She always was willing to learn new things, tackle any problem and attain the solutions needed for the department. Amy also is very familiar with several computer accounting systems. 

Having an accounting background, Amy is a very qualified candidate for Alamosa County Treasurer.  She has 21 years of working in a department that dealt with finance, budgets, cash flows, bank accounts and did so expertly. Amy is also trained in payroll, accounts payable and personnel benefits.

Amy already knows some of the fundamental workings of the treasurer’s office as well as the employees of that office, having dealt with a variety of items that the two departments shared. At one time she processed the sales tax reports for the treasurer. She is trustworthy, responsible, efficient, methodical and well diverse in her work abilities.

John and I have moved out of the Valley to Florida but I am still Amy’s #1 supporter! I know Amy and what she stands for and what she believes in for the good of Alamosa County. She is definitely qualified for the position of treasurer and will be able to prove that when elected Treasurer of Alamosa County! Mark you ballot for Amy McKinley!!


Jowanda Villyard


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