Letter to the Editor: McKinley is right choice for treasurer

I would like to express my support for Amy McKinley for Alamosa County Treasurer. I worked many years with Amy in the Alamosa County Administration Office giving me an excellent handle on Amy’s work habits and character. She has a unique set of skills that will be a perfect fit for the treasurer’s position. She worked very closely with the Treasurer’s Office in her accounting positions for Social Services and later for the county as a whole. She understands the detailed workings of the Treasurer and Public Trustee’s Office, so she will be able to immediately step into the complex operations of the office. Amy is an honest, experienced, no-nonsense, detail oriented, focused worker/manager that will continue the fine works of the Treasurer’s Office that Lois Widhalm has instituted in her tenure. She will work with the other county offices, school districts, special districts, city/towns and citizens to insure the safe guarding of county funds. I would first encourage all citizens get out and vote this year, and second, I would encourage you to vote for Amy for Alamosa County Treasurer. Thanks Herry Andrews Former Alamosa County Administrator/Controller


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