Letter to the editor: Mitsch Bush will represent our values

Family, friends, and neighbors,

I am excited to formally endorse Diane Mitsch Bush in her bid to unseat Scott Tipton in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Gabrielle Aragon. I am an eighth generation Coloradan from San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado located in Costilla County -- “where Colorado began”. The values instilled in me, passed down by my forefathers, are the pillars of Colorado; they are that of land, water (sin agua no hay vida), people, agriculture, and faith. I grew up knowing that a person’s name and reputation are the most valuable aspects of one’s character. I am cautious of those I recommend to others, and I would only endorse someone who will truly represent our values, someone who will listen to our community and work for our people. Diane is that person.

When I first met Diane years ago, she stood out to me because she had an effervescent energy about representing people. Diane is one of the most approachable, down-to-earth, passionate, and intelligent representatives I know. She takes the time to truly engage with people by listening, asking questions, hearing ideas and concerns, and gaining perspective. Diane is someone who is eager to roll up her sleeves to find solutions and help out everyday people. She took many of our values to the state capital and reminded Denver that we are part of Colorado too! For these efforts, she was named Legislature of the Year for her work on the House Agriculture Committee and the Natural Resources Committee.

Rural Colorado and rural America have become neglected in Washington politics. We are not truly represented or respected. When I became the youngest elected official in Colorado, I encountered dead ends in trying to improve the quality of life for my constituency – I know how difficult it can be. Diane always works for her people and she will build the bridges over which our community can cross. Diane will fight to provide quality jobs, a world-class education, affordable healthcare and incentives for farmers. She will protect our way of life and the environment.

We are from the greatest and most fertile valley on earth, but just because we are from a valley doesn't mean our voices should be trapped, forgotten or treated like second-class citizens. We are Coloradans, but above all we are Americans and demand the best! That is why Diane Mitsch Bush is the best candidate in this race, on any side, to represent our values and to fight for what everyday people like you and me need. It’s long overdue.

Whether you own five cattle or 50,000 cattle, use the water to ski in the winter or to irrigate in the spring for your peaches, potatoes, alfalfa or a small garden, be confident that Diane will always create the best opportunity for everyone. Support Diane so she can remind Washington of our values!

Thank you for your time and consideration! #DMBforCD3

Sincerely yours in public service,

Hon. Gabrielle V. Aragon

San Luis, “Oldest Town in Colorado”


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