Letter to the editor: Monte needs Martinez leadership

“Tell it like it is.” Maybe the supporters of “The Monte Movement” should practice what they preach. They have had “control” over this city for decades, and we can all see the results today. Money and intimidation are the weapons, with the citizens as pawns.

While they claim they want “the truth,” thus far the only thing they seem to be able to do is lodge unfounded criticisms, and circulate gossip, directed at current council members. As opposed to offering viable solutions to the issues we face as a community.

Matthew Martinez is a decorated Marine. He has received numerous awards, from commendations for his actions in a war zone to being this year’s outstanding new alumnus at Adams State University. He came back home from the Corps in 2010 and found the student group at Adams State without a voice. He went straight to work building the student government into the powerful organization they are today.

I encourage any citizen to go to the university and get first-hand information about Matthew’s character and work ethic. It’s likely you will hear that student leaders now have a voice and they enjoy affecting policy changes on all fronts, to the betterment of their community.

After graduating in 2013, Matthew was elected as councilman. Since he began his public service, the city has gained 17 new businesses. Matthew has shown, repeatedly, that he is committed to giving the members of this community a voice in how their government is run through transparent and thoughtful dialogue.

It takes more than four years to undo the damage the backers of the Monte Movement have caused through their decades-long influence over the inner-workings of the city. Based on what Matthew has accomplished in the last four years, I know this community will be pleasantly surprised by what he will accomplish in the next four years. If you want divisive rhetoric absent substance, vote for those involved in the Monte Movement. However, if you want to see the city grow and flourish, vote for Matthew Martinez.


Joe Schlabach


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