Letter to the editor: My thoughts of the global warming issue

I have spent many years reading about the political issues facing our planet, including the Globalist Agenda. Of how the Globalist Agenda has risen to become a major factor in today’s political scene is interesting. A detailed discussion of this is beyond the scope of this paper. But I will say this:

The Rothschild family empire is said to have a worth of $400 trillion. This translates into a lot of power. They also have a very ambitious political agenda. It basically involves gradually melting the various governments of the world into an eventual one world government, a one world government that is controlled and dominated by them.

In discussing this, I am reminded of the story about the frog that was placed in a pot of water that he could easily jump out of. A fire was lit under the pot. A small fire. So the water in the pot was gradually heated. It was so gradual that the frog did not notice. Finally, the frog was boiled to death by the heated water. He never jumped out of the pot because he never realized that it was being heated. Until it was too late.

Are we now the frog?

One of the vehicles that the Rothschild empire is using to accomplish this is the United Nations. Some say that their plan is to eventually have the UN become a “holding company” for their interests, and that all of the countries of the world will have, over a period of several generations, subjugated their sovereignty to the UN.

As part of this plan, it has been, for many years, a goal of the globalists to get the UN in a posture where it can begin to levy a tax on the individual countries of the world. As you know, any payments made to the UN now are voluntary.

Knowing this plan of the globalists, we must be always alert to any efforts on their part to trick us into giving up our sovereignty or freedoms. I believe that the global warming issue may be such a plan.

The plan that they propose, as I see it, is that:

The countries of the world will realize that over-industrialization of the world is causing planet-wide pollution and destruction to our environment.

We, the countries of the world, will band together and form an organization to solve this problem.

The major industrialized countries of the world will be identified as the major polluters.

A “carbon tax” of one sort or another will be placed on the industrialized countries until they correct their pollution problems.

This carbon tax will be paid to the UN.

“”Viola”! The globalists will have now established the precedent that the UN has the right to tax the individual countries of the world.

Over the succeeding generations, other taxes will be imposed until we are all dominated by the UN. Which is, of course, dominated by the globalists (the Rothschilds).

By the way, this is classic “Nietzsche” philosophical teaching. The Rothschild children, privately tutored, are taught this from an early age. Briefly, he taught, that in order to accomplish a goal, create a crisis, and then propose a solution that accomplishes your goal.

As far as the global warming agenda, there are impressive studies made by formidable scientific and research groups on both sides of the agenda. People seem to have picked their sides on this issue based on their overall attitude toward globalization. My purpose in writing this paper is to alert you to the possibility that this may just be part of a somewhat nefarious plot to eventually control and tax us. Trump seems to think so. So do I.

Please don’t be the frog.

Mike Miller



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