Letter to the Editor: Nitro drag cars adds to Early Iron

As I read the front page of the Courier covering the meeting Early Iron Car Club had with the county, I was filled with joy. We have been a major sponsor for a few years and enjoy our time in the park with fellow car lovers. The impact on the valley economy is huge as it was reported and a win for everyone. It sure is nice to educate the youth of the valley on the positive side of owning a street car/race car. One item omitted was the nitro drag cars that are in the park both Friday and Saturday. This is one of the big reasons we put our money into the show. The early days of drag racing is one of the major reasons muscle cars came out of Detroit! Most engines in the old nitro cars are older than half of the street cars. The show that these cars bring to the park is awesome. To many of our youth, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to witness such a show. My hat is off to Scott Deacon and all the hard work he has put into this part of the total show. I hope with all sincerity that this part keeps coming back to Alamosa! Can't wait for next year! Maybe my car will be ready for it! Danny Neufeld


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