Letter to the editor: No Cats Classic this year

I noticed that the Cats Classic Motocross was listed in the 101 things to do in Alamosa. It’s also in other publications too. It’s with great sadness and depression to announce that we will not be hosting the event this year.

In 2016 SRAC (Sports riders Association of Colorado) decided to try and work with RMXA (Rocky Mountain Motocross Association) to promote a combined shoot out series starting in 2017. We were told the promoters and dates would be according to seniority. When race dates for the 2017 were being picked by order of seniority, we were not given the shoot out series even though I’m the 3rd ranked motocross promoter with SRAC at 10 years. I turned my cheek and scheduled a regular motocross event. The chairmen of the board said we would get one in 2018 for sure. Well last fall, SRAC met again at the annual meeting to pick dates, and again we were not on the list. Pretty much the same tracks as 2017. (Northern quadrant of the Front Range got the events and two in Colorado Springs) The original intent was to spread this large race around to all the promoters.

At that point I realized that we were just supporting the Front Range tracks and it would take a miracle to get the big event down here even though we've always paid promoter and charter fees just like the other promoters and were higher up on the list. For 10 years it’s been a struggle to keep my foot in the door and try to be perfect attending all the meetings so not to get dropped as a promoter. I finally said enough is enough and took a legal sabbatical for a year. I just couldn't handle the discrimination anymore. Three promoters reached out and apologized and one of the track owners from RMXA stated, "It’s enough to make a grown man cry." I did, after thinking of $30,000 I've lost to missing work on Fridays, hotel rooms, and vehicle wear for 5-6 meetings a year.

Alamosa County has been so helpful and supportive over the years. The Jack Rabbit MC has retained the start up money for an event and I will make it to the date set meeting and again plead my case to bring a shootout series to the outback of Colorado. The average signups are around 750 entries. That is twice as what we had in 2017.

I dreaded writing this letter of explanation, but want to thank Alamosa, Sutak Raceway, AMA and all the many sponsors and spectators. We'll keep our fingers crossed and by a stroke of luck and the support of all the racers that have sent supportive e-mails, hopefully we'll bring a shoot out to Alamosa in 2019.

Dwight Catalano Jack Rabbit MC,

Cats Super Sports, AMA charter #8471