Letter to the editor: No comparison

Columnist Geiger recently revealed his lack of experience and perspective while confessing his preference for Totems of the Sloth over the crow. The latter is a Covid noted for intelligence, cleverness and considered a messenger of the gods while the former is the living embodiment of a deadly sin!

As someone who has endured and emerged from true Dystopian episodes such as the reign of Ronnie Raygun and the Divide-from-behind dictates of King Barry I could offer insights, which would elude him anyway from the ignorant certainty of youth and the impassioned fashions of the times. (He hates Trump ‘just because’ just as I hated Nixon even though he ended the Vietnam war!)

Yet I understand that bashing the current POTUS regardless of reason or reasons is required in order to continue in the Valley Courier.

Sylvia Lobato however has less excuse and more to forgive in her frequent fomenting against the legitimately elected POTUS whose only current ‘crimes and misdemeanors’ are that he isn’t the corrupt and incompetent serial liar that Sylvia supported. This being the not-so Inevitable Hillary Clinton who attained the democratic nomination in a theft so blatant that only the self-besotted couldn’t recognize or wouldn’t condemn.

But Sylvia’s latest non-analogy in comparing the calamity of Vietnam to our current geo-political problems is perhaps her most offensive foray into fantasy. As a Nam-era Enlistee I had to bear the begrudgement of the draftees as well as the enmity of the hippies who considered their expectorant the apotheosis of patriotism.

Yet Vietnam never declared war on us with follow-up attacks nor was it ruled by an inbred maniac with nukes and direct threats to the U.S.! That is the legacy bestowed upon our current POTUS, amongst numerous others, by the machinations and incompetence of his predecessors. A POTUS who must also endure the unearned enmity and endless vitriol of the ignorant, intolerant and hypocritical acolytes of Hillary!


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