Letter to the editor: No more excuses, CPW

If a person did not attend the public input meetings held by Colorado Parks and Wildlife last week they might believe it was a success when in reality it was smoke and mirrors. The big elephant in the room that they avoid is that just about everybody there is sick to death of non residents getting over the counter elk tags.

What little bit it was mentioned we got the same stale excuse about money. In units 80 and 81 Parks and Wildlife can no longer be considered a wildlife management agency. They are revenue collectors.

There is no management purpose to offer over the counter tags to 49 other states when right across the 81 boundary is a state with a draw only system. Every fall New Mexico says red rover, red rover, send your elk right over. Then the hoards of non residents do just that. The local sportsmen are the ones paying property and sales taxes and supporting the overall economy year round and the Parks and Wildlife waves their middle finger at us.

If license fees need to be raised then raise them. A little on residents and a lot on non residents. Raise them on non residents to the extent that the number of tags can be cut in half.

It’s time CO Parks and Wildlife address this issue seriously instead of using the same lame excuse they have in the past. And when they don’t send unsuccessful applicants all their money back it is very similar to what they call illegal possession.

Jim Bagwell



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