Letter to the Editor: No on DD: Tax is only a token

Proposition DD is a SCAM. All the promotion reads “Tax the Casinos” and help our Water situation!”

What isn’t said is that the “tax” is only a token. So much so that the Colorado Casinos all support Proposition DD! And why do they support DD?

Because the main point (not stated in the ballot description, by the way) is to LEGALIZE SPORTS BETTING (and soon all types of gambling) that goes through the Casinos ... of course they support it.

Since the tax is limited, the additional gambling revenue from the entire state is a huge (untaxed) windfall.

And since the Front Range supporters are all in one would have to assume that they are easily fooled by the wording or in on the sham. And why? Because the “water” solution they are proposing is to ship water from (you guessed it) our aquifer in the San Luis Valley.

So the hidden message in the proposition is (1.) Legalize Gambling (this is no lottery; this is “wipe out your savings” Vegas style — only easier — “lose it all in a Sunday afternoon” gambling) and (2.) The tax is also limited to a very small amount generated by these casinos so obviously not growing with their “take” (they are certainly NOT gambling). And (3.) If the predicted amount were to be used for our fragile water situation in the state it would only be a token (and after gambling addiction rehab costs, even less) and (4.) The Front Range use of these funds would likely be used to siphon off SLV’s precious Aquifer resource.


Gary Johnson

Monte Vista