Letter to the editor: NRA not to blame for school shootings

Not that A.M. Miller's letter deserves much of a response, but I just can't stand by and let an individual fear monger, spread misinformation, and blame the wrong people.

In typical liberal fashion, he/she failed to mention that the AR-15 rifles owned by civilians are not automatic. They are semi automatic. They have the same rate of fire as handguns and shotguns. Much like Dianne Feinstein this person carried on about the deadly performance of an AR-15 when most people know the 5.56mm/223 is actually one of the smallest diameter least amount of knock down power rifle rounds on the market today. Most ammo fired through these guns are full metal jacket bullets that actually have no expansion and would never leave an exit wound the size of an orange. They have horrible terminal performance and that is why hunters don't use AR-15 type ammo even though it is much cheaper. What he/she described would be the type of 223 ammo used in bolt action rifles to shoot varmints at a much higher price.

Two things liberals need to get through their skulls about the NRA is one, these mass shooters are not NRA members. Second, the money the NRA puts into politics comes from millions of individual voters paying dues and making donations to support the 2nd Amendment. Michael Bloomberg on the other hand is one billionaire trying to dictate his opinions on everybody. Liberals never complain about him, Tom Steyer, or George Soros putting money into politics. There are really only three people to blame in a shooting. Mostly the one who pulled the trigger. The other two are his parents.

Does anybody think blaming or bankrupting the NRA will actually save the life of one school kid? Passing laws has not stopped anyone from texting and driving or using narcotics, and it won't stop anyone from getting a gun. When will liberals be ready to have a conversation about what the root cause is that would make someone want to shoot innocent kids in school? It's not the gun! It's time to stop looking the other way from the damage being done to kids in dysfunctional homes. Bad parents need to be held accountable. Not by a government standard but they should be shamed publicly by their peers. Notice how we never hear about these shooters having a father. It's time to admit that paddles and yardsticks were better for behavior and paying attention than prescriptions are. It's time to stop being so tolerant of the mentally ill. If they are a threat to society, then they belong in a straight jacket and it is the duty of their friends and family to do it.

Guns have always existed in the history of the United States. The thing that has changed is the citizens no longer have any common sense. They no longer conduct themselves with any decency or honor and they grow up watching crap on TV where dysfunction is glorified. If you don't believe me just look into Honey Boo Boo and her mother or the Kardashains.

The worst is we have kids who are not old enough to vote marching around demanding that rights be taken away from those of us who are old enough to vote. It's their spoiled generation committing these awful crimes and they're so out of touch with reality that they blame the older generations who got spanked, had summer jobs, appreciate living in a free country, and DIDN'T SHOOT THEIR CLASSMATES!!!! #snowflakesaretheproblem 

Jim Bagwell



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