Letter to the editor: Please contribute to Wreaths Across America

To all SLV residents,

Carol Martinez has taken on the worthy role as champion of the Wreaths Across America project for our Valley.  She and her fellow volunteers should be commented for their dedication and hard work because it is very hard work to lead an effort such as this.  As the media has done an excellent job explain the project, I won’t go into much detail in this letter other than it is to purchase a Christmas wreath so it can be placed on a grave of a loved one or a fallen troop member, whether at Homelake or another cemetery. 

Carol has the very lofty goal this year of being able to place a wreath on all 1,508+ veteran gravesites at Homelake at Christmas time. Many of these gravesites do not have family living here in the Valley or  some family members  do not participate.

Carol currently has sufficient commitments to cover about half of the wreaths as of now with some commitments still coming in. I am asking the SLV community to come together and help Carol with this wonderful project she has taken on. The people who have been buried at Homelake at some point gave a significant portion of their life to serve our country. Or as the case of Carol and Ron’s son, Glen, who is buried at Homelake, the ultimate sacrifice – his life defending all of us.  The cost of a wreath is $15 each. I know for some, even the purchase of one wreath would be a very significant financial commitment, but how good would that make you feel, particularly at Christmas time. If you have not been to Homelake to see the wreath’s when they are in place, it is extremely beautiful. You should go this year whether you buy a wreath or not.

I am respectfully asking all SLV residents to think about contributing what they can for the Wreaths Across America project at Homelake during a very special and sacred time of year.  You can also purchase a wreath and take to another cemetery. I do this as not all military veterans are buried at Homelake, plus wreaths can be placed on anyone’s grave to honor that special person at Christmas time. Again, they are $15 each. An example if want to purchase more wreaths, five wreaths would cost $75. Please consider contributing what you can. Carol’s contact info is Carol Martinez at 719-849-1830 or P.O. Box 181, Monte Vista, CO 81144. If purchasing by check, please make payable to Carol Martinez and in memo note Wreaths Across America.  She needs the order and payment by November 22.

There are actually several wonderful projects going on at Homelake. The church has been totally remodeled and will be dedicated on Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11 at 1 p.m. Come and check the church out that day. Plus, the “old administration” building is also in the process of revitalization lead by a group of volunteers.

Please help support this great cause with a dollar contribution that meets your financial condition.  Thank you. 

Karla Shriver

SLV resident


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