Letter to the editor: Political correctness and the gun debate

Editor’s note: Hugh Fuchs submitted multiple letters regarding the gun control debate, some in response to other letters to the editor. The Courier apologizes for the delay in publishing the letters. Because they were faxed and required typing, it took longer to get them transcribed. They are combined in the following, in the order they were received:

Political correctness and the gun debate

The latest example of misplaced critical thinking was displayed when an outdoor equipment provider announced that it would no longer market items from a grand name supplier because they are involved in the manufacture of certain types of firearms.

Corporate thinkers have decided to board the political correctness train before it leaves the station. The station platform was crowded with many of their friends waiting to board. The frenzy that ensued was made possible by left wing socialists posing as ticket agents passing out free boarding passes.

Instead, these people should be supporting marches against vehicle manufacturers, dealers and fuel providers as the nation’s vehicle fatalities continue to rise. This won’t happen because people need transportation to reach outdoor suppliers. This should also require a nationwide movement that all drivers and customers be 21 years of age or older. This supports the idea that the requirement would prevent fatalities due to incorrect use. Remember that all locations for recreational activities must comply with the age requirement of 21 or older.

Too many business interests continue to support the popular activity of misplacing blame and attention surrounding tragic events.

In conclusion, the misguided thinking displayed by too many business interests and others illustrates the trek through the quagmire they have created. Let’s hope they will reconsider their ill fated path and pursue more realistic alternatives.

Re: Dr. Daniel letter

Dr. Daniel wrote an excellent essay on the basic topic of firearms and communication. This is important because too many people are not versed in basic firearms language. Their understanding of basic vocabulary is vital.

When contained in a cartridge case, modern smokeless powder burns at a specific rate for that type of powder, usually a numerical code. When the firing pin strikes the rim or center of the case where the primer chemical is located, a pressure induced flash occurs. This flash is what ignites the powder in the case. This builds up pressure very quickly and forces the projectile down the barrel. What is most important is that it does not explode like dynamite, nitroglycerine, TNT, C-4, etc.

Dr. Daniel does a very good description of weapon, gun, firearm, assault, etc. This is necessary to convey the correct meaning and understanding, as we know of the extensive use of the other.

Kudos to Dr. Daniel for his explanation of the source of the AR-15’s identity origin. Too many people in the current political climate have really dreamed up some dandy misnomers. The term semi-automatic means every trigger squeeze fires one cartridge and the mechanism loads a fresh one. Fully automatic means a trigger squeeze starts a firing sequence and continues it until the trigger is released. This burns up lots of ammo in short order. Weapons that exhibit this rate of fire are called machine guns. Historic examples would include the Vickers, Maxim, BAR, M-2 .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun, and the MG-34 and MG-42 used by German forces in World War II.

Dr. Daniel, like myself, is correct in opposing the age requirement of 21 or older. This is just another piece of feel good political propaganda. Remember, the rifle used at Sandy Hook was legally purchased by a mother over 21 and given to her son.

Mental stability, attitude, commitment to an objective and the resulting human behavior are more important than methodology. 9-11 taught that lesson and too many people did not learn it.

Re: Guns and Tipton Tidd letter

When Barbara Tidd wrote about Sandy Hook, she omitted the truth in favor of her incorrect recollection. The community of Newtown, Conn. erupted in a horrific hell at the Sandy Hook School on that terrible December day in 2012. When the shooting stopped, the tragic truth began to unfold. One of their own citizens had purchased a firearm legally and gave it to her 15-year-old son. By the way, she was over 21 years of age.

The boy’s mother and community members were aware of his unstable mental state. Yet, no one stood up and took any preventive responsibility. This proved to be fertile ground for politicians to use for their own gain. Community members welcomed this political intervention as it took the attention and blame off of themselves.

The resulting legislation was nothing but a knee jerk effort to mask their failed community effort of prevention and protection. It reportedly banned some weapons and their capacity for massive murder but not the potential people. The boy’s mother was not charged with dereliction of parental duty that resulted in loss of life.

The community of Newtown will continue to evade the truth and suffer every day. This posture will continue because that is where the most political support resides.

Hugh L. Fuchs

Del Norte

Correction: Hugh Fuchs corrected a portion of his recent letter to the editor referring to the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings: If the boy’s mother had survived, she should have been charged with dereliction of parental duty that resulted in the loss of life. Since her son was a minor, she was responsible.


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