Letter to the editor: Powers in government must remain equal

I continue to be impressed with the way our founders structured our government with each of the three parts, the legislature, the executive, and the courts having power, but with that power being limited. For that reason I’m worried with the statements from the leader of the Senate, that he will not bring to the floor any legislation which the executive will not sign. By taking that position, he gives to the president powers which our constitution has gives to the legislature.

I realize that in 2016 there was a desire by many to shake up the government, but I wonder if they were saying that they would be happy with a dictatorship or authoritarian government. Such a shift would go against the plans which our founders had constructed. It allows the president to shut down a portion of the government as is happening currently, without the equal legislative branch being able to play their part.

It is up to us, the public, to make our voices heard if we feel that too much power is being given to just one branch of the government.

Don Thompson



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