Letter to the editor: Prevent puppy mill in SLV

This is an alert to citizens of the San Luis Valley who believe in humane treatment of dogs. On March 20th at 1:30 p.m. at the Rio Grande Co. Courthouse there will be a preliminary hearing for Alvin Mullett who wants to start a puppy mill in Rio Grande County. Alvin is Amish and the Amish are responsible for over 20 percent of puppy mills in America. These puppy mills are responsible for some of the cruelest treatment of dogs. In fact, most Amish believe that dogs in puppy mills are livestock. You may go to any website that talks about Amish puppy mills and see for yourself the heartbreaking photos.

We urge people to attend the meeting on March 20th to speak out against Alvin Mullet being allowed to start a puppy mill here in the San Luis Valley.


Diana Hamilton

Trish Cunningham