Letter to the editor: Principal McBee shares farewell message

Dear students, parents, colleagues and community of Alamosa,

A blink of an eye and a lifetime all at once…. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer to that question; a teacher! I am finishing my 30th year in the Alamosa School District. I began as a substitute teacher in 1988. I have taught first, second, and third grades and have been granted the wonderful opportunity to be a principal for the last eight years. I’ve been blessed to educate so many brilliant, talented, creative, funny, and bold children. Hundreds of parents have shared their most cherished treasures with me. During my tenure as principal, it has been my privilege to collaborate with, guide, and lead teachers who are committed to this profession; dedicated, compassionate, enthusiastic teachers who persevere and give their all to meet the academic and emotional needs of the children in their charge.

Alamosa School District has provided me with many opportunities. I have been able to raise my two sons in this community. I’ve acquired lifelong friendships. I have worked alongside many talented colleagues. I’ve been mentored by great administrators. Through professional development and continuing education, I’ve continued to grow and reflect as a practitioner. I can only hope my time in this career has left a positive impact for others.

I am proud of Alamosa Elementary School and the initiatives we have put into place. Our students have many opportunities. During their time at AES, they will have visited a national park, a college campus, and skied on a mountain. They travel to a different state, spend the night in a museum and put their knowledge of science into action as they visit a planetarium, a zoo, and tour caves. They learn a second language, play musical instruments, and exhibit student leadership as they present and preside over community meetings. Students understand the importance of being a good citizen and school pride. They are actors and athletes, artists and scholars. Our students work hard and treat others nicely. They are good friends and hold themselves and others to high expectations. Experiences for all students lead to higher achievement.

This has never just been a job to me. I believe that teaching is a calling— to serve children and advocate for what is right. To help students grow and reach for the stars, to show kids that education can take them anywhere, that’s important work. Research can be cited in any instance, for any stance. The research that holds true is that the teacher is the one who makes a difference; the teacher is the one who impacts lives. I’ve had the privilege of running into many former students recently. Reminiscing with them and fellow teachers has brought smiles and tears. The decision to retire has been a roller coaster and is bittersweet. Teachers, remember your why as you walk into school next August; you are the reason this profession is honored. You are the reason kids succeed or fail. You make a difference.

The students of ASD have helped me to fulfill my life’s dream. As I think back to all of “my kids,” they have been my salvation in hard times, my inspiration to succeed, and my responsibility to put forth my best effort each and every day. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my students, parents, colleagues, and to the community of Alamosa for every single day, every single moment, every blessing that has come my way. It has been my honor.


       “Ms.” Christy McBee


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