Letter to the editor: Prioritize clean air

As a mom, I’m upset that President Trump just dismantled the Clean Power Plan, one of the best programs we had to protect our kids from polluted air -- and to encourage clean energy production. Pollution exacerbates respiratory issues and because my kids have asthma, it’s of particular importance to my family.

We have a moral obligation to our children and grandchildren to tackle issues that threaten their health and way of life. One way we can live up to this charge is by not allowing power plants to pump unlimited amounts of pollution into the air.

Colorado has a proud history of working together to tackle difficult issues. Setting sensible carbon pollution standards, as the Clean Power Plan does, is not only good for our families, but also our environment, and our economy. Thanks to our past history of working together to tackle air quality issues, Colorado is well positioned to meet our carbon reduction goals.

For the sake of my children...and all children, I look to the governor to take his responsibility to the future generations seriously and prioritize clean air and our children’s health, with or without the Clean Power Plan.


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