Letter to the Editor: Proposition 110 will help Alamosa County & ALL San Luis Valley roads

Transportation is an essential ingredient to the quality of life in our state. We require safe, accessible roads and bridges to drive our kids to school to commute to work, to move products and food to our stores, and to access the recreational amenities that make Colorado one of the best places to live, work and raise a family.

Our state has not raised the gas tax since 1992, and simply put, we do not have the resources to maintain our current transportation system - let alone expand it.

This fall, Proposition 110 (also known as “Let’s Go Colorado”) will ask voters to approve up to $6 billion in bonds for state highway projects all across Colorado. The measure asks voters to approve an additional $.062 sales tax that would be dedicated to transportation projects on both state highways and local roads. If approved by the voters, this new sales tax will generate $767 million per year. The revenues generated would be shared between the state (45%) to pay off the bond debt, the counties (20%), the municipalities (20%), and a new multimodal grant program (15%) that would enhance rail, bus, bicycle and pedestrian options. The measure also contains a 20-year sunset, so we will not be taxed in perpetuity.

What does Proposition 110 mean for Alamosa County? If approved by the voters, our county would receive $1,380,520 annually to improve our local roads and bridges.

Rio Grande County would receive $1,716,240; Conejos County $1,368,544; Costilla County $3,100,282; Saguache County $2,052,797; and Mineral County $381595. That is a significant increase in the County Road and Bridge budget. And we did not include on top of this what the increase would be for the SLV municipalities. In addition, the $6 billion in bonding authority for the state will lead to improvements on the following state highways in our region: [access state projects at http://letsgocolorado.com and click on “Projects Near Me].

Colorado has not asked the voters to approve additional revenue for transportation in over 20 years. Our economy and our quality of life absolutely depend on a 21st Century Transportation System. Please vote YES on Proposition 110.

Alamosa County Commissioners

Darius Allen

Helen Sigmond

Michael Yohn


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