Letter to the editor: Puppy mill would reverse overpopulation progress

Dear commissioners of Rio Grande County:

I am writing this in support of what Aileen Peek of San Luis Valley Animal Welfare Society has said and pointed out concerning the proposed puppy mill in Rio Grande County.

As a person born and raised in the SLV I remember the days when there were no animal agencies and no one to call when animals were running loose and needing help. These groups of people have worked selflessly to make our community so much better in this way. Because of them we now have some help when people neglect their responsibilities. There are massive problems with overpopulation of pets and neglect and abuse issues too.

The idea that a person that surrendered his dog on March 11, 2010, according to Ms. Peek, to this already over-burdened system and is now asking for the right to breed more dogs does send up a big red flag to me.

To the decision makers, commissioners, or any others: Let’s show support and appreciation for the compassion and concern and the people who are helping create and maintain this awareness. They shed light on responsible animal care and overpopulation concerns. We are not only caring for the real progress that has been made in this area over the last 25 years in our community but also society at large.

Money making that over-rides a goal of meeting a person’s needs and becomes the luxury to neglect and abuse, in the process of making that money, needs to be noticed closely, so we who help make these decisions … make those decisions based on functional healthy principles not a turning of a blind eye or an … “It’s not important attitude.”

Evelyn Sprouse Rowe

Monte Vista


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