Letter to the editor: Questions for the administration

“A bad cause requires many words” — German Proverb

Every day it is the same old thing. A nuisance. So much so that you begin to feel as though you are reliving a terrible nightmare that somehow you have become trapped in, a real-life version of “groundhog’s day.” We flip on the news and observe the same old song and dance. The most egotistical, arrogant, self-centered man to ever walk the earth; on the media stage whooping and hollering lies about some great achievement they have made. Some have said of this man, when you consider his eyes you can’t help but recognize the attributes of the prophesied anti-Christ. Whatever the case maybe we are staring into the eyes of a detriment to an already broken and falling nation.

The media has turned the Trump presidency into a huge charade, a firestorm of conflicting news reports none of which make the least bit of sense. What we “the public” are seeing is an elaborate game of smoke and mirrors intended to keep the eyes of those watching veiled. Mr. Trump began his term in office using social media i.e. “twitter” to convey his thoughts to the public. The worst part is how effective this tactic has been. With the assistance of entities such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and AOL the presidential cabinet has reformed this nation into a mass of misinformed lemmings marching to his own personal tune. We have sat for weeks, even months attempting to figure out what the shadows behind the veil are and more so what they mean to ourselves, this nation and even to our species if we are not more careful.

We as individuals, we as a nation, we as a planetary species are facing hard times beyond belief. Yet we have had religious texts and ancient manuscripts in our possession for thousands of years proclaiming what the future would hold. And still we continue to ignore the warnings that have been given and we continue to exploit this planet as well as each other for nothing more than monetary gain. What is another human life worth to you?

It has become extremely disheartening to observe the circus that not only our media has become but also our congressional leaders as well. We cannot be sure what is to be gained by the actions that have and continue to be taken or by the swarm of lies and disinformation that continue to flood the news outlets and internet. Especially since there are so many unknown variables at play. For these reasons, there is a global epidemic taking hold called fear of what the future holds and it is spreading ever so increasingly. Yet the masses refuse to stand up for what is right, for what we believe in and fight for the future. We have become too “scared” to die, when death is the ultimate end regardless. It does not matter what path you take; all routes are leading back to the same end.

Our government owned news outlets continue to report that since Mr. Trump has taken office things like the unemployment rate have dropped to an all-time low in years. They have passed a revamped version of the “Trump Care” through the house now heading for the senate, a plan that will leave millions of us Americans uninsured. My questions are why? And where? We sure don’t see the jobs here. We live daily in poverty and it sure is not for a lack of trying. In my case I deal with a potentially life threatening medical issue daily. I have epilepsy. No matter how bad I want to work and I do, I just cannot get past the fact employers do not want to be liable for any accident that “could” occur due to an episode on the clock. Do you know how many jobs I have lost from having a seizure on the job? Yet I have fought Social Security for 11 years for SSI. I have applied something like eight times and just now after 11 years I am awarded a hearing. But that is just me. What about everyone else across the nation because trust me I have seen plenty of people that I know that are struggling just the same. And yet authorities can’t understand why we have such a huge drug epidemic. Every addict begins with great dreams to be a “hustler”, to pay the bills and each one makes the mistake of breaking the first cardinal rule of “not getting high on your own supply.” On any supply is a better analogy. But when bills need to be paid there is more exposure than most can handle and they fall off the wagon… And it is destroying America. From major metropolitan areas to rural farm communities… If you put the people to work, they won’t feel the need to go seek out their own source of income and in turn fall into a trap that they most probably will never achieve escape from. Corporations have gotten into the habit of shipping jobs overseas to cut cost while the government continues to import narcotics into this country plaguing the lives of a great majority of the inhabitants. So back to my question, Mr. Trump. Where are these jobs you are creating, we do not see them? Just like the looming question of “what about America’s war on drugs” President Reagan. Was it a war to keep drugs off the streets or is it a war to keep the streets flooded with the poison infecting anyone who encounters it?

The point is we have an inexperienced business bully in the white house who has made many promises that I don’t believe he intends to keep. This man has business assets in numerous countries. He is also a member of the “ultra-wealthy” class. The medical care bill that just passed in the house affects him and everybody he knows. He cannot introduce the tax breaks to the large corporations without the overhaul of the affordable care act and this affects him being a member of the wealthy class. He has somehow created conflict across the globe for reasons of trade, terrorism and weapons programs as he has proclaimed. When in truth all that concerns him is the monetary gain that follows his investments, investments that stretch from Northrup Grumman to Lockheed Martin to Boeing, companies that are tasked with manufacturing military hardware; plains, tanks, Humvees, aircraft carriers, destroyers etc. These investments stretch even as far as an Israeli arms manufacturing company. So, as he said during his presidential campaign, “he loves war”, because he has too much to gain and no thought to the cost of his actions upon the millions of people around the globe. We are well on our way to defeat and the biggest threat to our freedom and sovereignty sit in the White House.

Is there no one left in this nation that is not only a true patriot but also intelligent enough to see past all the murk in the water to clearly see what is at the bottom… The time is nigh… WISE UP, STAND UP AND RISE UP…………. Darkness is on the horizon.

Jason E. Robins



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