Letter to the Editor: Re: Alamosa sales tax for streets

I would like to respond to the city on the tax increase as a voice from a taxpayer. It is nice to drive on a smooth street, but there is a lot involved in getting and keeping it smooth. I see it as street resurfacing and replacement. Please clarify it for us residents. I think of it as pave this year, great, two to five years later, dig it up, old utilities beneath where not considered. So now we are back to the streets that are in the current shape. The underground utilities need fixed before new asphalt is put down the nice and smooth roadway.

So I ask the city, look at the big picture. It’s not fair to the residents. If the hidden repairs are not addressed before new streets, fix them at the same time.

I owned a small business in the community for 30 years. I see over and over that if the underground problem would have been addressed, the nice smooth road could still be good 10 and 15 years later.

Well worth the buck, spent wisely.

Mario Davis