Letter to the editor: Re: Judge hands down weapons ruling

U.S. District Judge William Young issued an erroneous ruling that “assault weapons” are not protected by the Second Amendment. Historically, the single shot muzzle loaders were the assault weapons used against the British forces at Concord, Lexington, Bunker Hill, etc. and continued in use until the British were forced to surrender at Yorktown.

These arms protected the colonists from British oppression and were the centerpiece of the Second Amendment.

Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey followed that erroneous pattern as it was woven into Democratic Party line diatribe as she was emphatic about her views of the gun lobby. The gun lobby is not what everyone should fear, but rather it is citizens like those in Newtown, Conn. These citizens failed to “citizen up” and then with political support blamed the NRA members and other lawful firearms owners and users.

Furthermore, Judge Young classifies any firearm that was originally designed for military use to be excluded from Second Amendment protection. This is faulty reasoning because current black powder muzzle loaders used for legal hunting were descendants of muzzle loaders used during the Revolutionary War. They are at the center of the Second Amendment. A military firearm or copy that conforms to current hunting firearm restrictions should receive Second Amendment protection.

Both Young and Healey are just playing political correctness for their own political gain. The former George III of England would be very proud of them both.


Hugh L. Fuchs

Del Norte


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