Letter to the editor: Re: Monte Vista water rate proposal

I was surprised at the resistance in getting this "dividend" for the stockholders (citizens) of Monte Vista by the old guard who refuse to believe that any good will come of it. Well I say that anything positive that even begins to restore the confidence of the good people of this town in its leadership is "good" enough!

This partial correction of the increase in 2016 that I call a dividend returns half of that increase to the pockets of those who have been paying it for the last two years.

And, yes we need new water / sewer lines & water storage, etc. And we will have all that & more or all our campaigning was empty rhetoric! I don't remember saying that we will rebuild this town by bleeding its citizens dry. I do recall saying however that what will happen is real change & real growth.

So because of the controversy a public hearing will be forthcoming (date & time TBA) at the Monte Vista City Hall.

If you agree with this simple common sense proposal please come out in support.

Gary Johnson,

Monte Vista City Council


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