Letter to the editor: Reconsider Republican values

Years ago, after my husband's death, I realized the most important part of what we leave behind, is not riches or things, it is memories - who we were, our behavior, our code of conduct.  

Imagine your obituary. Where do you stand with honesty, integrity, respect, honor, fairness, generosity, kindness, equality, consideration and the willingness to not rush to judgment? These are virtues I value and strive toward.  

I don't understand how anyone can follow a person who lies, and contradicts himself, who foments division and hatred among ethnic and religious groups, who bullies others and threatens mayhem, who disrespects women, who spouts off without knowing the truth and when the truth is revealed denies it as fake news, who is mean, spiteful, greedy and selfish. How can such a man be our president?  How can anyone with an ounce of integrity approve of such behavior?  

Recently, the Republican National Committee endorsed a man who should be in front of a jury facing a charge of sexual predation and pedophilia. Who can agree to that?

Stop! Wake up! Take a hard look at where we are! Republicans - Is this the Republican Party you believe in and respect? Do you really want to be associated with this? If not, take it back, reaffirm your values. Help bring us back to a nation of inclusiveness and moral integrity. The ends cannot justify the means because it is the means that define our moral compass.

Frances McAulay Will


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