Letter to the Editor: Remembering Apollo 11

With the extensive TV programs on the Apollo moon landing, I was reminded of an event that took place that day.

I was working at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument (GRSA) during the summer of 1969. My supervisor, Bill Rabenstien, and his wife Sandy had two boys under the age of 10. Bill was a good photographer and arranged the two boys on each side of the TV screen. This allowed the viewers(s) to see the profile of each boys head as they looked at each other. Their position framed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin standing with the U.S. Flag on the surface of the moon.

The resulting photo was a record of their participation in the moon landing. The Apollo 11 moon landing was a wonderful accomplishment for the space program and the nation.

The Apollo 11 mission to the moon started with their lift-off on July 16, 1969. This was 24 years to the day after the Trinity Test of the world’s first nuclear fission device that was known as the atom bomb. This was the result of the highly secretive Manhatten Project. This was a wonderful accomplishment as it ended World War II.

Hugh L. Fuchs

Del Norte