Letter to the editor: Responding to Collins, Miller letters on school shooting

The two referenced letters have both tried to saddle the wrong horse in the Responsible Person Stable. They arrived before daylight hoping to get a jump on everyone else. Without lights in the stable, they haltered the first horse they found and were surprised to find the horse rearing back and resisting being led to the saddle area. If they had turned on the lights, they would have seen the real responsible horses hiding in a rear stall. One responsible horse escaped through a rear door and was rounded up and held.

The preceding analogy is useful in pointing out those really responsible. First, the FBI failed to follow up on red flags they were given. Second, students at the high school and community members that viewed the internet postings and didn’t notify the proper officials. They are both enablers to the young man planning his disturbing act. Law enforcement, students and community members failed to citizen up and help prevent this tragedy.

Until the attitude about being called a rat fink, squealer, or whistle blower changes, we will continue to experience senseless acts. Remember what has happened to whistle blowers in the corporate world, government and military service. Documented cases in the military involve attempts to find whistle blowers mentally unfit for service or testimony. Current Safe To Tell programs will not fare any better if the officials in charge are not truly dedicated.

Yes, the real tragedy is that massive loss of life has resulted from people and official agencies not following through. The most horrific loss of life did not result from the illegal use of firearms, as it resulted from the improper use of commercial aircraft. The most numerous instances have resulted from the illegal use of firearms by mentally unstable people. Part of this is because any large gathering increases the chance for massive loss of life.

Instead of student marches on Washington, D.C. and NRA headquarters in Virginia, their activities should be directed at FBI headquarters, school district offices and community even though it won’t happen because it will not generate the desired political traction as their present activities. Any student that viewed those internet postings without reporting to law enforcement becomes an enabler. What is so ironic is that their marches are really against their own willful decision not to report their viewing. “Enough is enough” has happened too many times before because of the present attitude.

The politically driven media likes to interview people that they hope will parrot their desired view. Speaking of contributions, Bloomberg and Soros have donated millions to political causes that strive to dismantle The Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment. Politicians that engage in that effort after taking their oath of office to protect the U.S. Constitution should be indicted for treason: America can no longer tolerate people and agencies that decide not to citizen up.

Hugh L. Fuchs
Del Norte