Letter to the editor: Response to article published on May 4 titled ‘Water Smart shares ideas for city improvements’

Dear citizens of Alamosa-

Before the city starts the expensive process of possibly fixing “what ain’t broke” — I’d like to bring up some points — particularly on the fencing recommendations.

I agree-chain link fence is not the most aesthetically pleasing — BUT —

* Present chain link is probably partially in cement, repairable AND can be made more aesthetically pleasing!

* The huge initial investments will be wasted, divert funds from other great plans set forth in the article — and does nothing for water conservation…

* Limited entrances and exits keep small children within chain link.

* Chain link contains most wayward balls but also slows the chase after them into the streets.

* Loose or escaped dogs have a delay before they figure out a way out or in…

Split rail fence might look prettier but requires much more maintenance, is splintery for small children, and stops nothing going in or out. It begs to be walked on or jumped over by the young and balanced, and the deer, but doesn’t hold up to either.

My suggestion would be to plant rabbit brush, native trees, currants, hollyhocks and other water sparing plantings to blend fence that is already present but visually distracting — great for wildlife and bees! Put money into use enhancements and water conservation projects.

Games, dog play, playground equipment, walking, biking, skateboards, picnic; public venues all seem to be the modern use of parks. Public landscaping IS a model for introducing water sparing land use and personal esthetics for yards…a worthy subliminal educational endeavor!

* Limiting sod areas is far more realistic for water use in parks, walk ways and “green belts”-there are multiple sodded areas all over the valley.

* Educational plantings and other fitness/ game type park equipment is always a plus! Great ideas!

* I hope you entertain volunteer days to help with tree planting and other endeavors which will also save money and be a community effort.

Appreciate you “listening” — we are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.


Claire Barker



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