Letter to the editor: Response to Curtiss column

On the 25 March Opinion page, retired Professor Nelda Curtiss wrote a condescending article stating that “Trump-y” (President Trump) needs help for his “mental health issues”. She believes that the country would be best served by “weekly (maybe even hourly) sessions (of President Trump) with Dr. Phil” (a noted psychologist). She calls “Trump-y’ (President Trump) a monster, white supremacist, and dictator. Professor Curtiss likens him to Saddam Hussein, Putin, and Hitler. She states “Dr. Phil calls out narcissists who belittle everyone and without fail thinks (sic) irrationally”. After reviewing her article, one could believe that Dr. Phil could justifiably label Professor Curtiss to be a narcissist who fails to think rationally.

Joe McMillan, MD